3 Tips to build a harmonious workflow with your Filipino VAs

If you're looking to have a Virtual assistant to help you with your business, then a Filipino virtual assistant is the one that you should choose. They have many qualities that make them great. Let me tell you two interesting facts that set Filipinos apart from the rest. 

 Fact 1
Did you know that the Philippines topped the emotional rankings, with 60% of its citizens reporting that they experience these 10 feelings often on a daily basis? It has been designated as the country with the highest EQ in years. What is in it for you?

One with high EQ can easily comprehend other people, empathizing is just a piece of cake to them, they can easily discern people and they know how to work productively with others, and can easily build rapport with anyone. They are more approachable and likable. They are highly successful both professionally and personally. They are also happier than their colleagues with lower EQ. Having one on your team will be of great help! They can be your front liners if you ought to ace your customer relation and loyalty. 

Fact 2

The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking country in the world, with more than half of its population speaking English as their primary language. In reality, the Philippines is ranked 18th out of 80 nations in the EF English Proficiency Index 2021. For this reason, the Philippines is one of the most sought IT-BPM countries at present time. Oh, doesn’t that convince you the get one on board? 

Global ranking

These two facts are just a start of a long list of reasons why Filipinos are ideal to be your counterparts in your business. Let me cut the chase, this blog is not intended to show off Filipino talents ( though partly )  but rather how can clients be able to have a harmonious work- relationship with your Filipino VA. 

Do you already have an amazon VA or planning to have one? Here are tips that you should take note of so you can build a harmonious workflow with a Filipino VA. 


You will be working with Filipinos who have been in the service industry for years and possess almost a natural sense of politeness, friendliness, and an accommodating attitude. Getting to know them on a personal level wouldn’t be a challenge at all but the question is how to get started with that? Here are a few things you should know about Filipino VAs.

family oriented
  • Filipinos are particularly family-oriented. This is an admirable norm in the Philippines, and it will demand foreign employers to be more accommodating when family emergencies happen. Be sure to empathize with them if crises arise or celebrate with them any milestone they probably are taking, a wedding, or maybe a newborn whatever it is if it gives you the chance to build that rapport with your VA grab it. A simple greeting or message goes a long and your VA would appreciate that.
  • Never assume and treat them like they’re right there with you. 

Take the opportunity to learn about your virtual assistant's daily routine. Get a sense of what everyday living is like.

Understand the economic background, transportation system, and day-to-day experiences that your Filipino VA has that are way too different from where you are.

For instance, your VA told you that she’ll need to get some documents that she needs to pay for taxes and it took her hours to return, please understand that processing here in the Philippines is a bit slow and lines are too long, really long I’m not kidding that goes the same with banks and groceries unlike in the US and other countries where everyone gets served in minutes. 

Understanding how your VA live and getting to know them will provide you with a better understanding of how they work.

Accept a personal connection.

  • Filipino languages are less straightforward and precise than other languages.

Filipino has a tendency for sentences, phrases, and words to have many meanings. The tone does not always suggest the underlying message, which the receiver must decode. You can easily counteract this with straightforward, drill-down words aimed at eliciting the true meaning of someone.  Questions that are framed to generate precise replies are also beneficial. Make sure both of you are on the right page.

  • Filipinos are more productive when there’s an established process. 

The Philippine work culture places a high value on quality and efficiency. Filipino VA endeavors to complete projects on schedule and with as few faults as possible. In addition, most Filipinos have a desire to learn and improve skills that would fit them to any task they are flexible!

Filipinos are a perfect fit for any organization because of their quality-oriented attitude to work and enthusiasm to learn new crafts. Clients will have the assurance that the job being done is of high quality and will be completed on time. 

  • Filipinos are team players

In Filipino culture, there is a concept known as "bayanihan," which refers to individuals coming together to help one another achieve a common objective. This concept may be seen in many facets of Philippine society.

Working in the Philippines reveals a sense of community in the workplace that is rarely seen elsewhere. Employees in the Philippines are willing to help one another and share tasks. But guess what it does not limit to work-related stuff. Filipinos also come together when one of their team members is in need and help hand in hand.  

amazon va - Team players
  • Make sure to emphasize your goal 

There is a clear path toward your goal by creating quarterly objectives with your VA and then writing actionable key outcomes that will help the individual to reach those objectives. This reduces the need for micromanagement and gives employees control over their own duties.

  • Communicate your personal preferences and work style.

Because Filipinos have a tendency to say "yes" to almost anything, unclear instructions and insufficient resources are likely to cause dissatisfaction on both sides. You need to make sure that you both are on the same page, let not your language differences be your barrier, and make sure that you have established with your VA your work style preferences as well as your objectives.

PPC team in the house

  • Hop on a video call more often.

According to research, individuals receive visual information faster and more correctly than text and audio. As a result, when you have a meet your VA using video conferencing, they will understand and grasp more information accurately than if you do an audio call. Of course, your Filipino VA would know better because they tend to read not only the message you are sharing but your tone and your body language. Trust me that really works! 


Remember to celebrate the people who keep your business running remotely, given that your VA did a good job or probably celebrates their 1st or nth anniversary with you give them something to acknowledge their effort and a token to thank them for their loyalty. If you are running out of ideas on what to give here are lists that we give to our VAs as well. 

1. Gift Certificates

A gift card allows them to treat themselves to something they truly desire. Gift cards are light and hence inexpensive to mail, and in many situations, you can send an eGift card for immediate delivery. Even better, you may set a spending limit to keep your gift-giving budget under control. Giftaway PH offers great SM Gift Pass eCards in four denominations.

2. Improve Their Workspace at Home

Assist your virtual team in creating a fun home office atmosphere where they will like spending time. Plants, literature, a ring lamp, or essential oils can assist individuals to change and functionalizing their areas.

3. Reimbursement for a Fine Dining Experience with Family or Friends

The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends. Allow your remote workers to celebrate in style by purchasing dinner for the entire group. A decent sit-down meal can cost up to $600 per person, therefore a budget of $1,500 – 2,500 (about $30 – $50 USD) is appropriate for 2-5 people.

4. Send them on a fantastic Staycation to celebrate the holidays. They would love that, let them have a day to get a screen break that will embark in their hearts. 

5. Fitness Equipment

If you encourage health and well-being in your VA, provide workout equipment to your remote staff to spread the word. We recommend simple equipment such as under-desk pedals, light weights, a jump rope, a yoga mat, or something similar.

Make sure appreciate

These are just some of the tips we here in VAA Philippines practice to keep our VAs happy and enjoy life and work balance while at the same time achieving goals without compromise.These tips have helped us grow into a strong and large community of 300 + Filipinos and keep our employees for years that accompany us.

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