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Amazon PPC Specialist

PPC Specialist VAs successfully completed the month-long VAA Amazon training course and are selected for their mathematical and analytical skills to undergo further training in PPC advertising on the Amazon platform. PPC Specialists have expert knowledge of Amazon Sponsored Products practices, including downloading and analyzing search term reports, keyword research, both manual and software-based, creating and running new campaigns, both manual and automated, bid optimization and ACoS calculations, and working knowledge of all existing tools in Seller Central, including Exact Keywords, Phrase Keywords and Negative Keywords.

PPC Specialists handle all day-to-day operations and tasks for your Sponsored Product campaigns on Amazon. You can hire an Amazon PPC management service without you having to worry about the technical side of your PPC activities, you’ll have more time to develop marketing strategies that can help scale your Amazon business.



Amazon PPC practices

Search term reports

Keyword research

Campaign management

Bid optimization

Expertise in Seller Central PPC tools


Zhao Hu

Hired a PPC Specialist


Hired a team of PPC Specialists

Faizal Hasham

Hired a PPC Specialist


Hired a PPC Specialist

Carlos Perez Alvarez

Hired a PPC Specialist

Scott Tooter

Hired a PPC Specialist


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