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Social Media Expert

Social Media Experts have successfully completed VAA’s one-month Amazon training course in which they learn to boost effective brand awareness strategy, by creating engaging content that makes your posts pop on SM platforms and build a community with just the right mix of engagement and action.
Social Media Expert VAs assist Amazon sellers in running their social media pages and activities on a daily basis. They are responsible for creating content on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. They are responsible for building an audience, brand awareness strategy and ultimately, boosting sales. We teach them to optimize and fine-tune your social media profiles in order that they work best for you.
Our Social Media VAs are trained in best practices for ongoing social media marketing, including when and how to promote Amazon sellers and products on social media, and how to reach new audiences and customers. They also handle editing of graphics and images for Facebook and Instagram posts, management of Facebook and Instagram business pages, and run Facebook groups.

Additionally, they:
Work with influencers – They are specifically trained to connect with the best micro-influencers for you. They will negotiate a great deal with them to promote your brand which will help to reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and boost marketing ROI.
Create Amazon Posts (brand registered only) – Posting on Amazon on a regular basis while creating optimization with the use of Amazon analytical data for better-converting posts
Newsletters – They are able to create engaging and entertaining newsletters on a weekly/monthly basis.


Building and promoting your brand name on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

Managing communities on social media

Working together with influencers and bloggers to promote your brand

Writing appealing and converting newsletters aimed at your target audience

Posting daily on Amazon Posts for maximum exposure

Photo editing tailor-made to the relevant social network


David Dayon

Hired a Social Media Expert And an Executive Assistant

Kris Konsap

Hired a Social Media Expert

Sandra Gustard

Hired a Social Media Expert

Debbie Beanland

Hired a Social Media Expert

Eli Ventura

Hired a Social Media Expert

Aaron Ryps

Hired a Social Media Expert

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