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Amazon expert

Your Amazon Expert VA has successfully completed VAA’s month-long Amazon training course, gaining thorough knowledge of all the daily operational needs of an Amazon business and familiarity with Seller Central. Amazon Experts are trained to help you accelerate your business, by managing all Amazon-related tasks, including customer service, emails, feedback, reviews and refunds. They also handle a wide range of product listings and inventory management tasks, including creating and uploading of product listings, monitoring of daily lists, tracking inventory, product sourcing, handling of suppliers, and searching for new products.

Other tasks regularly managed by Amazon Experts include monitoring and research of competitors, and management of all necessary communications with Amazon regarding open cases.

Our Amazon Expert VAs are comprehensively trained in Amazon seller operations, so they are equipped to manage the daily technical and administrative tasks, leaving you free to focus on promoting and growing your business.


Customer service

Product listings

Inventory tracking

Product sourcing

Competitor research

Handling refunds & open cases

Creating Chatbots using ManyChat

Ongoing training of new Amazon features & skills


Jean-Philippe Paquette

Hired an Amazon Expert

Anushka Jain

Hired an Amazon Expert

Phil Hadfield & Ian Holme

Hired an Amazon Expert

Simon Zoltan

Hired an Amazon Expert

Vincenzo Toscano

Hired an Amazon Expert

Maurice Grazi

Hired an Amazon Expert

Monika Ambre

Hired an Amazon and a Social Media Experts

Andrie Lesmana

Hired an Amazon Expert


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