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Graphic Design Expert

VAA Graphic Design Experts are trained graphic editors, with specialized skills to help Amazon sellers with all the graphic design aspects of running their store. Graphic Design VAs are experienced in the leading graphics software, including Photoshop and Illustrator. They assist in the ongoing, day-to-day needs of Amazon sellers in graphics and design, including designing and editing images and visual elements, white-background image editing, optimization of existing images, creation of images and infographics adapted to the Amazon platform, logo design, preparation of advanced graphics files, and video editing for all digital marketing activity, including social media and amazon video campaigns.

Amazon sellers enjoy direct one-on-one contact with their Graphic Design VA via telephone, WhatsApp and Skype, which makes work processes much more efficient and drastically reduces the time it takes to complete everyday tasks.

Graphic Design Experts take the daily load of graphic design off the shoulders of Amazon sellers, freeing you to spend more time on developing marketing plans and other strategies to help your business succeed.


Photoshop, Illustrator and other leading software

Image optimization - design and editing

Video editing

White-background images

Amazon infographics

Logo design

Preparation of advanced graphics files

Direct 1-1 contact with the VA


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