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Building talent. Building community. Building your Amazon business.

Not just a virtual database, VAA is a community of skilled and talented VAs from the Philippines, especially screened and selected. As part of the exclusive VAA team, our VAs receive ongoing training, enrichment, and support. Our management and training staff based in the Philippines ensure an ongoing sense of community, professional improvement, and fun! This is what makes the VAA community so special and strong, and what enables us to maintain such high-quality, reliable VA services to Amazon sellers worldwide.

Screening, Testing & Training: Our VAs are hand-picked for their commitment, skill, and service orientation. They undergo thorough professional testing and training to ensure the highest quality service delivery.


Fulfilling professional development: VAA supports every VA in the community with opportunities for professional development. Candidates who demonstrate exceptional skill or capability in a particular area may be selected to undergo further specialist training, such as PPC training. Our VAs receive ongoing training, so they are always learning, growing and
developing the very latest Amazon industry skills.

Support & Community: Life as a VA at VAA doesn’t stop when the work is over. Our VAs enjoy a warm, supportive environment and a friendly sense of community. VA salaries are higher than average in the Philippines, reflecting our values of fairness and employees’ well-being. We love to celebrate with our VAs, hosting birthday parties, group outings, gifts, competitions, and more. Our commitment to and appreciation for our VAs creates a positive environment that encourages everyone to be their very best. This is the key to the exceptional talent pool at VAA.



I never felt so blessed and lucky being here at VAA. People don't treat you as an employee but a family member. Willing to lend a hand - explaining difficult stuffs to you despite their busy scheds. Employers appreciating your smallest achievement and giving you something because of the efforts you have exerted. For a year now, I can say that my life changed -financially and emotionally. Because of VAA, I'm able to help my husband financially (we're slowly achieving our goal of having our own home very soon) and able to fulfill my duties as a mother to my children


Working for 6 years overseas, 4 years in a Call center, 2 years in the government, and few months in VAA, all I can say I finally found my safe spot. Nothing can compare with spending more quality time with my family while earning. My eldest son just graduated from Senior High school. Few months from now, I will be sending him to a University. Yes I’m scared of my incoming expenses but I know I can do it because VAA is my security blanket. With VAA I am confident that I can give my kids not just anything they want but everything they need. Thank you VAA, thank you for the kindness of Sir Gilad and I really appreciate having a beautiful Manager who inspires me every day.


Working for VAA Philippines has been such a positive experience! They are always fostering an environment for growth and development. Management is great and supportive in all aspects . I am fortunate that I found such a great company to work with.


I have been working online and meet a lot of people but there is something different with VAA everyone treats each other as family. The VAA will always find a way to help you with regards to your employment and see to it that you will be in good hands. The members are always there to support you if there's a problem that you can solve by yourself. I am so blessed to be part of VAA and wishing that I will be with them for the years to come.


VAA is not just a company that pays me for my hardwork, but VAA for me is also my home. This family serves as an inspiration to me and my hope in waking up everyday looking forward to a brighter future. VAA taught me and pushes me to my limits and even in achieving more things which i never thought i could do and exceed more on. Being a Virtual Assistant in VAA is not just a job for me, but being a VA gives me reason to strive harder and do things that i never knew im capable of doing. That even if im already a mother it did not stop me from still having to achieve more in life. And now, I plan to stay more until the company needs me,because VAA is my family, and family is where we should be. Kudos VAA! Continue inspiring and helping other moms like me.


I am proud to say my employers are wonderful and are huge part of my life, being in their shoes, wearing their hats I've focused on improving their business. it doesn't even feel like " working " when i'm loving every part of it. Thank you VAA Philippines. I'm forever grateful.


"To work at home" is one of the best dream job of most people I know. This came possible for me with the help of VAA Philippines where anyone can start with determination only in the heart. Now I am confident as a Virtual Assistant- VAA Philippines taught me very well.

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