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Walmart PPC Specialist

From keyword research, campaign set-up and management, to performance reporting, Walmart PPC VAs are experts in providing Walmart sellers with professional assistance in navigating PPC advertising.

Being Amazon PPC Specialist VAs first who were then given additional training on Walmart advertising, Walmart PPC VAs have a strong background in driving traffic to the seller’s listings through PPC management. 

They can monitor and adjust campaigns regularly, including bid prices and keyword performance. With their skills and expertise, they are able to understand the Walmart Search Algorithm better to help you manage your Walmart PPC so you can focus on scaling your business.


Everything an Amazon PPC Specialist VA could help you with PLUS

Understanding the Walmart Search Algorithm

Ad Campaign Setup

Determining Bids

Monitoring and Reporting

PPC Optimization



Jean-Philippe Paquette

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Anushka Jain

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Phil Hadfield & Ian Holme

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Simon Zoltan

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Vincenzo Toscano

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Maurice Grazi

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