7 Guides to Making Big Profits in Your Amazon Business on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Now that the Black Friday/Cyber Monday season is coming, it's time to start thinking about where you can take your business. It's no secret that the holidays are a critical time of year for online retailers.

The two biggest shopping days of the year are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which account for an increasing share of online sales. As you know, big profits are hard to come by in any business. But, if you’re planning on taking advantage of the huge sales volumes that occur over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday periods, then you need to have a solid plan for how you intend to take advantage of these events. 

How Were Black Friday and Cyber Monday Last Year?

The holiday shopping season of last year was the most successful in Amazon's history due to more people opting to shop online because of the coronavirus outbreak.  According to Amazon, independent businesses selling on the site made $4.8 billion in international sales from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, up 60% from the previous year. This is too significant for small-to-midsize businesses that saw sales of $100,000 or more during the holiday season. Will the 2021 holiday shopping season be able to break the record? 

Probably. Since more sellers have started providing holiday offers sooner than ever before, taking into account that more customers have started purchasing early for gifts and seasonal things for their loved ones.

How to Use an Amazon Black Friday Strategy to Increase Sales

Knowing that Amazon uses this day to boost sales indicates that sellers must also prepare. 

If you've had trouble with Black Friday in the past, check out this list of Amazon sales advice.

Having a great advertising plan is perhaps a vital element of being an Amazon seller. Amazon advertising is critical to getting your goods in front of the appropriate audience. During peak sales seasons, the value of this is reinforced.

Your VA can help you constantly monitor the effectiveness of your advertising activities. If your sales aren't meeting your objectives, be prepared to make changes before Black Friday.

This intensive surveillance should continue for at least one month before, during, and after the shopping event.


What can you do?

1.) Optimize your product images.

Clear, high-quality photographs will help sell your products by showing potential consumers exactly what they'll get.

Your Amazon Specialist VA can make sure that your listing image is optimized.

  • The primary picture should be clear.
  • Make use of the basic white background.
  • Add text to your image. This suggestion is for your customers who dislike reading long descriptions. Add your bullet points creatively to your photographs, and you're set to go.
  • Make use of a brief video. Showcase the benefits and characteristics of your product.

2) Improve keyword density in the title, bullets, and description.

Have your VA check your title, bullet points, and descriptions, making sure that they are optimal. Use the tools provided by Helium 10 to filter and increase the product listing by utilizing the most sought-after and high-performing keywords. Your VA should be able to help you with the following:

  • Keywords Focusing on the right keywords that convert and focusing your budget on converting campaigns
  • Listing. Make sure that the keywords you are targeting are aligned with your product listing. In particular, the backend keywords should be checked if they are indexed.

Create a piece of content that is A+. One of the tried-and-true methods for increasing conversion rates on Amazon is to replace ordinary descriptions with A+ content, also known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). It is a one-of-a-kind Amazon function that allows merchants to build a nicely crafted product description. Using A+ content, according to Amazon, increases the average conversion rate by 5.6 percent.

3.) Expand the scope of your marketing campaign.

Now that your listing is optimized, it's time for your PPC VA to launch your campaign. Preparing the right amount of budget is a must for your campaign because there will be increased traffic during the holiday season, thus increasing costs per click. Consider setting bids and budgets to improve your sales during the holidays. AD COST is high and it is advised that sellers should really invest in PPC Ads for them to compete with their competitors and have more chances for their products to rank. Your PPC VA can help you evaluate the campaign specifics and monitor its progress.

Your VA will search and set your highest-converting keywords, then increase your bid by at least 25% to increase sales from these phrases.

Remember the following:

Your VA may be able to rank your listing before Black Friday and Cyber Monday by running a 7-day giveaway campaign with your best-performing keyword(s).

If you want to sell more on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, increase your budget. Your VA will analyze the results and then alter your bid as necessary.

4.) Examine your inventory.

The supply chain and delivery issues this year are at an all-time high, so your VA will double-check your inventory levels before Black Friday. They will make sure you have enough stock of your most popular items to capitalize on Black Friday.

If you sell items both online and in-person, you might want to give your customers a good reason to buy in person. Encourage customers to shop in-store so that you can move more products and reduce delivery costs.

5.) Create a special Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer.

This is what most Black Friday and Cyber Monday buyers are looking forward to, so be sure you provide at least one discount, or perhaps some coupons or a buy one, get one half-off deal. You can also offer

  • If you have a loyalty program or a VIP club, offer your valued customers a special VIP exclusive deal throughout the Black Friday weekend if you have a loyalty program or a VIP club.
  • Extend your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.
  • A Free Gift with Every Purchase
  • An Hourly Deal: An hourly bargain covers numerous bases at once for high-traffic shops. It not only encourages spending, but it also keeps your clients coming back by keeping your Black Friday discounts a surprise and updating them frequently.
  • Free Shipping

Don’t forget to create a homepage banner for each of your deals. 

6.) Give your buyers excellent customer service.

It is no secret that digital promotion is one of the best strategies a seller can use. Combining it with outstanding customer care will make a digital campaign a success. It is not enough to simply supply the goods; you must also provide them with elegance and kindness. In a business whose presence is spread across different platforms, remember that customer service is your frontliner and your biggest asset to help you build customer loyalty and organic outreach through word-of-mouth marketing.

Some sellers struggle with this notion while running an Amazon business. Some might need a helping hand with this. You can always hire an Amazon VA who can wear many hats.

7.) Keep hijackers away from your listing.

Amazon listing hijacking is the new trend in e-commerce. A lot of people are making good money by piggybacking on the success of other people’s products. They just want to steal others’ success and redirect traffic to their own page, where they make a sale and earn the commission. How terrible. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your listing, right? How and what can you do about it? Don’t worry, you have your VA’s back on this matter.

  • These are the following things you need to consider and areas where your VA can help you secure your listing from hijackers.
  • Getting your brand registered on Amazon will be your ownership seal. Having been registered will give you easier access to issue resolution with little to no hassle.
  • File a complaint: Your VA will secure proof such as a photo or video of the hijacked seller and report it to Amazon.
  • Retake your photographs. Make sure that your brand tag or packaging is clearly visible. A hijacker is far less likely to steal a listing that has clear evidence of branding in the photography.
  • Your VA will monitor your listing. Watch for the sudden drop in sales. It was probably caused by hijackers.

Add value to your listing by offering bundles of your items. In reality, popular items on Amazon can easily be copied by someone in China because we can’t deny that China dominates the manufacturing services that are traded all over the world. So your VA will add value to your listing. They will find a way that will set your product apart from the competition. For example, if you are selling a computer desk mat, you may add an option to have it personalized or maybe add a bundle to it.

What now?

It's now time to put these Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing plans into action. If you want to take advantage of the increased deals on the year's busiest retail weekend, don't wait. To get the most out of this big shopping weekend, use the strategies that work best for your store.

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