Black Friday Tips to Unlock Your 8-Figure Sales!

No matter how you look at it, Black Friday is one of many times that retailers can maximize profits. It's the beginning of the long holiday season sale!

Would there be a difference now that we are in the post-pandemic era? HUGE. Things are becoming more advanced, techier, and way more complicated, but the return is worth it.

Here are some helpful tips to get you to unlock your 8-figure sale this Black Friday.

 You might wonder how to make the most of this season. Don't know where to start or where you are now in your preparation? We got you!

Utilize PPC campaigns

Tip # 1. Utilize PPC campaigns to drive more sales.

If you want to succeed with Amazon PPC campaigns, then you'll need to make sure that they're done right from start to finish! 

Before diving into PPC Campaigns for Black Friday make sure you have your promotions, coupon, and prime exclusive deals ready.

Here's what our PPC VA does in preparation for D-day.

1.) Create and evaluate holiday campaigns

To begin researching and testing holiday-related search phrases, you should first set up a distinct holiday campaign with a modest budget.

It's critical to keep in mind that Amazon is constantly seeking relevance and striving to deliver an excellent customer experience. Therefore, you shouldn't start bidding on general holiday phrases like "Christmas gifts for guys" just yet because they may be deceptive.

Start your search instead with phrases like "gift + your product." By doing so, you'll be able to start ranking, evaluate search volume, and refine your target audience. 

2.) Optimize your lising tgo get more clicks and more conversion

You should make sure your product listings are as highly optimized as possible to capitalize on the increase in visitors. 

Your keyword selection and click-through rate (CTR) are important factors in determining how relevant your advertisement is to a customer's search inquiry. To guarantee that the proper audience sees your adverts, it is crucial that the keywords in your product listing are relevant.

Making sure that your top-performing keywords are used in both your product listings and back-end search terms will increase the relevance of your product listings and, consequently, your sales.

Increasing the conversion rate of your product listings is the simplest approach to benefit from the surge in traffic during the holiday season when conversion rates are normally higher.

Make sure your title, product photos, bullet points, product description, and/or Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) are intriguing and persuasive in order to make your product offering as enticing as possible. Your advertising' conversion rates will rise if your product listing conversion rates rise.

3.) Be extremely vigilant to prevent wasting money.

If you're not careful, the more money you spend on advertisements, the more you risk wasting.

Utilizing negative keywords is one of the best strategies to stop your PPC campaigns from losing money, especially during Q4.

To put this method into practice for your PPC ads, you must first develop a list of single terms that are unrelated to your merchandise. In order to stop your adverts from appearing for irrelevant queries, add them as a negative term match.

We can immediately stop all of these clicks and squandered ad expenditure by just adding one word as a negative phrase match keyword to your campaigns.

4.) Set break-even bids to prevent losses.

We frequently observe sellers placing bids on really expensive, highly competitive keywords that they just cannot afford. You don't necessarily gain money from a term just because you generate PPC sales from it. Before you spend any money on advertising, you must first know your profit margin in dollars this can be done by setting your bids at break-even.

Figure out your Click To Order (CTO) ratio. This is the quantity of clicks necessary for an advertisement to convert into an order, also known as your PPC conversion rate.

Enter your campaigns in Campaign Manager to compute this. Divide the number of clicks from the number of orders from  for the given keyword. Finally, by dividing your net margin by your CTO, you can now determine your break-even bid.

5.) Establish a budget to help with ongoing campaigns

You'll be light years ahead of the competition if you allocate money that allows for 24-hour visibility. Allow your rivals to spend all of their money competing for the top slots in the morning. You can then wait patiently until later in the day, when there is less competition, to start snatching up sales.

6.) Conduct keyword research

Make a thorough list of keywords Words and phrases that people use to search for things online are called keywords. Put yourself in the customer's position while you consider the things you offer. What search terms or phrases will people enter to locate the desired products on Amazon? For further ideas, look through the Amazon-related and suggested item categories.

7.) Invest in Sponsored Brand Advertising. 

Be aggressive with your advertising and run ads targeting your competitors’ ASINs.

8.) Doing Amazon PPC campaigns ahead of time. 

The key to succeeding with Amazon PPC is to start early, say a few months in advance. This is because it takes time to get data from ad campaigns. Once you have your first set of data, you can then begin

running more aggressive campaigns and see what works best for your business.

Bonus:  If you are using Helium10 then it would be best to utilize Adtomic. With an AI-powered advertising solution, Adtomic, Amazon sellers can now properly plan their campaigns, and run the most clever and successful advertising ever thanks to Adtomic's unequaled data and AI-driven optimization resulting in increased ROAS, decreased ACOS, and lower advertising expenses.

Sellers can use this tool to obtain meaningful data about both organic and paid sales and decide how to use that data to their advantage. 

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Leverage digital presence through social media

Tip #2.)  Leverage Digital Presence through Social Media

Invest in Influencer Marketing.

Black Friday marketing essentially consists of advertising products with relevant audience-targeted original content. By collaborating with well-known creators to get their social media following to suggest your products, you can expect an increase in your sales as well as build up customer loyalty and repeat orders. One of the best methods for attracting new audiences and boosting online sales on social media is to collaborate with influencers.

High-quality content and eye-catching visuals. 

Make your graphics stand out! Creatives are how your brand tells its story and helps buyers visualize the solution you can provide. Sellers can also add up your discounts and coupon codes.

I can't stress it enough, from your Amazon store to your listing and now for your social media content, graphics are as important as the content of the post. If graphics aren't your forte it would be best to hand it over to the experts and let them do magic.

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Here are some examples of our VAs output.

For Banners: 

50% off sale
Black friday sale
black friday limited time sale
black friday super sale
raw dog food

Our Graphics VAs are well trained with Amazon's Amazon's do's and don't in terms of the visuals, banners, and images used within the Amazon store, A+ Content, and social media. If you need one, just tap the button below.

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excellent customer service

Tip # 3. Excellent Customer Service and Optimized Amazon Store

One of the things customers take into account when making an online purchase is customer reviews. Consumers of today are eager enough to examine customer feedback and reviews to assess a seller's level of customer service.

Furthermore, it would be preferable to address recent unfavorable reviews prior to Amazon Black Friday and Amazon Cyber Monday.

That is one thing we are grateful about being partnered with On-site Support. Have you heard about On-site? With On-Site, Amazon VAs can now help sellers reduce returns and negative reviews with their customized, all-inclusive eCommerce support solutions also by providing excellent assistance in ensuring that customers keep the items they purchase, receive the assistance they deserve, and lastly be able to build customer loyalty.

All in one support solution

Your VA will have the ability to give support for technical support or FAQs or even do a live chat with your buyer even before initiating a return. Wow!

Don’t want to get stuck in entertaining messages and missed out on more important things, our Amazon VAs can help you with daily tasks ranging from checking buyer messages, reviews, feedback account health, performance notifications, and FBA and FBM Customer Service, ensuring Amazon Seller Accounts are in great shape by doing daily Amazon Seller account upkeep.

Amazon VA can create promotional images and banners to inform customers about the promotions on those dates and post them on A+ content, social media, and store pages.  They can also create prime exclusives, which are usually followed by coupon codes or discounts in bundles of multiple units.

Here are other important tasks that Amazon VA does  in preparation to Black Friday: 

  • Optimize the product title, product description, and key features.

Key features (bullet points) also factor into the relevance of a detail page as part of a customer search. Well-written bullet points will naturally contain keywords, but the first priority should be to communicate clearly and help customers make a buying decision. One approach is to start a bullet point with a feature and then state the benefits of that feature.

  • Optimize product images

The product image you use is the closest thing Amazon customers will have to examine your product besides the product description. Most of the time, customers zoom in on the photographs to assess the suitability of the goods.

  •  Use Amazon A+ content.  

This enables brands to convey product attributes in interesting ways by using a distinctive brand story, improved imagery, and text placements, which, when done correctly, may increase conversion rates, traffic, and sales.

Get your store ready for the busiest sale season of the year and don’t get stuck! 

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The holiday shopping season will be busier than ever. For an Amazon seller, Q4 is the most exciting time of year. Success, however, does not come about by chance. It needs preparation. According to Benjamin Franklin, "If you don't plan, you plan to fail."

Therefore, be sure to adhere to all of the aforementioned recommendations and get ready to enjoy more financial success. Your PPC and social media advertisements for Black Friday are now more than ready to go live.

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