So why would I need a VA?

Many people turn to me, and ask “I’m just a beginner. Do you think I already need a VA for my business in Amazon?” or alternatively “my business in really gaining speed, do you think I have reached the level where one would take a VA?”

My answer is always the same: there is no such thing as a “level” from which you need a VA, nor can you say that you don’t need an amazon virtual assistant before a specific level. For each individual the phase of taking external assistance will come at a different time.

Ask yourself the following question: Am I enough to handle all the things I want to deal with in my business? Or are there things that are slowly getting neglected?

I can tell you, on a personal note, that before I took an amazon VA there were things which I consciously postponed, simply because I didn’t’ have enough time to get in to them. For example, developing a Facebook business niche page for the products I sell on Amazon. I consciously delayed it to a time when my business will grow and I have more free time...

But there were also things that I just didn’t do properly…for example. Looking for new produces to sell. Today I can say that I did the whole process of finding produces in a much less professional and effective way. Why? Because I wouldn’t be sitting systematically a few hours each day, and finding quality produces, with less competition and more demand. And even when I did find an optional produce, I didn’t spend enough time on finding the right supplier to manufacture it. I settled for 3-4 suppliers that I worked with, and I would choose one of them.

Today, my VA filters for me from 15 to 20 different suppliers. She corresponds with them, checks their response speed, their price, and every other criterion that I asked to know, and recommends for me the most serious one. This translates into a lot of money saved on dealing with a less suitable and more expensive supplier.

Are you enough to do your job on Amazon in a way you would expect your VA to do it for you?