How To Become An Amazon PPC Specialist

Looking for the hottest job in today’s eCommerce world? Becoming an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) is the most practical and advantageous choice. But among all Amazon VAs, one is more in-demand than the others—Amazon PPC Specialist.

Who Is An Amazon PPC Specialist?

You can’t know who an Amazon PPC Specialist is without first familiarizing yourself with Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising.

Amazon PPC advertising generally speaks for itself—it allows you to advertise on Amazon while paying only every instance that a user clicks on your ad. That way, you can ensure that you’re spending only on ads that target your desired audience, those who are actually interested enough to click on the ads.

amazon ppc specialist

There are 4 metrics to consider in Amazon PPC:

1.   Clicks

Clicks represent the total number of times users clicked on your ad campaigns.

2.   Impressions

Meanwhile, impression is the total number of times your ads are shown to customers. It is only a tally of the number of times the ads was displayed, and does not imply that the ad was clicked or that the customer interacted with it.

3.   Advertising Cost of Sales

Advertising Cost of Sales or ACoS is the percentage of sales that can be attributable to advertising. To illustrate, if your $20 in attributed sales came from $5 of advertising, your ACoS would be 25% ($20 / $5 = 0.25).

4.   Attributed Sales

Attributed Sales pertain to the total amount of revenue generated after your ads were clicked in a week.

An Amazon PPC Specialist oversees all of these metrics. Their main priority is developing and managing successful PPC campaigns to advertise products, increase exposure, and boost sales on Amazon.

5 Types of Amazon PPC Ads

5 types of amazon ppc ads

As an Amazon PPC Specialist, your work mainly revolves around the following ad types:

1. Sponsored Brands

These ads, which feature several products, a custom headline, and a logo, show up at the top of search results. They can direct customers to a personalized landing page or certain products and are excellent for raising brand awareness.

2. Sponsored Brands Video

Sponsored Brands Video Ads are Sponsored Brands ads that have a video component. They help entice potential customers by showcasing your brand and products in a more appealing way.

3. Product Display

These ads appear at the bottom / right side of Amazon product description pages. They:

  • focus on certain products / related categories
  • direct customers straight to the product page

4. Sponsored Products

These are the most common ones. They:

  • focus on certain keywords
  • show up in search results / on product detail pages
  • direct customers to the product page when clicked

5. Sponsored Display

These ads appear on and off of Amazon and are aimed to attract visitors who have previously looked at similar products or showed interest in relevant categories.

Tips for Choosing the Right Keywords

tips for chossing keywords

There’s no single formula for choosing the right keywords for your Amazon PPC campaign. But there are ways that have been proven to yield positive results, like the following:

  • analyze competitor listings
  • brainstorm relevant terms
  • use Amazon's search bar and search terms reports
  • prioritize relevancy and performance metrics
  • focus on long-tail keywords
  • organize keywords by match types

Apart from this, you should continuously optimize your PPC ads by monitoring and enhancing your keyword selection based on campaign performance data.