How To Manage Your Inventory This Holiday Season 

With the most wonderful time of the year drawing near, the season of endless shopping sprees is upon everyone. For Amazon sellers, this also means the season of challenging inventory management. The most common reasons for this are the following:

  • unpredictable spikes in demand
  • longer shipping times
  • accurate forecast of sales amidst increased competition

But it’s not the time to panic. We have studied and compiled every step you need to remember to sleigh inventory management during the fast approaching holidays.

Inventory 101

Before we get to the crucial part, you should first recall the basics of inventory management. 

Step 1:

The first step to an efficient inventory management is having a regular check-up of inventory levels to see if they match your records. This helps identify discrepancies between physical stock and recorded data to enable you to timely correct them.

Basically, Step 1 prevents inaccuracies such as stockouts and overstocking that could disrupt sales, fulfillment, and customer satisfaction.

Step 2:

The next step would be placing labels or product tags to your holiday goodies. This helps you to easily identify, organize, and retrieve products when necessary. By doing this, it will be easier for you to track your inventory. 

Basically, Step 2 streamlines fulfillment processes during the high-demand season. For one, it ensures accurate and timely shipments which consequently minimizes errors or confusion in handling different items.

Now, you don’t want to be the one actually doing all these things when you have executive duties to work on, too, right? As a seller, you should free your hands from repetitive, administrative, and operational tasks to make room for strategy-making and the actual selling. So who’s going to help you?

If Santa Has Elves, You Have Amazon VAs

girl holding phone showing vaa site

For sellers, the holiday rush is both a blessing and a headache. 

Even Santa would need a great inventory management practice to fulfill the wishlist of all the nice people. He has to gather all the items wished for from north pole to south, and distribute these to every house through the chimneys. 

Luckily, Santa has his elves to assist him in every step of the way! So how about Amazon sellers? Don’t worry! You also have efficient helpers who can provide you with expert assistance in your inventory management for the holiday season—Amazon Virtual Assistants (VAs).

In direct and simple words, Amazon VAs are experts in the Amazon platform whose skills are tailor-fitted to match your needs as Amazon sellers.

In Virtual Assistant Academy (VAA) Philippines, for example, the Amazon Expert VAs are handpicked for their exceptional skills and proven experience as VAs. Furthermore, they are given additional training to make sure they are equipped with the most recent tools and updated with the latest processes in the market.

Aside from helping with your inventory tracking and management, Amazon Expert VAs are can also help you with the following tasks:

  1. Customer service
  2. Product listings
  3. Inventory tracking
  4. Product sourcing
  5. Competitor research
  6. Handling refunds & open cases
  7. Creating Chatbots using ManyChat
  8. Ongoing training of new Amazon features & skills

That’s for the manpower side. If you’re looking for resources on the logistical side, it’s not that easy to find a partner that you can fully trust. To save you all the hassles of outsourcing different areas of your logistical needs, Forceget offers a one-stop-shop kind of convenience.

logistical proview

Forceget’s Logistical Solutions

Forceget is a team of digital freight forwarders that provide hassle-free Amazon FBA and door-to-door international service. For Amazon Sellers like you, it provides the least expensive and fastest air transportation choices. It features a digital portal where you can:

  • receive real-time quotes
  • book shipments
  • schedule pickups
  • track your delivery until the final destination


While Santa does deliver gifts by air and goes down the chimney, Forceget gives you a variety of options to deliver your holiday goods. Here are your choices:

  1. land (Domestic Trucking Services)
  2. air (Air Freight)
  3. sea (Ocean Freight)

But, regardless of what you choose, Forceget will help improve your inventory management because all of these services allow you to track your shipment in real time. 

Domestic Trucking Services

Forceget’s Domestic Trucking Services gives you tailor-made solutions and a low inventory cost. With end-to-end logistic services and digital management system which offers real-time inventory tracking, all your goodies under the nice list will never be out of stock. Managing your inventory and tracking shipments, especially for the holiday season, will never be easy, but with the digital platform system of Forceget, you can plan and oversee it all smoothly.

Air Freight and Ocean Freight

On the other hand, Air Freight and Ocean Freight help you reduce your supply chain and inventory cost without limiting you to 2 options. These services give you several options without compromising your inventory management efficiency. They allow you to track your shipment and manage your inventory at the same time using several freight services by:

  • reducing holding costs
  • enhancing inventory turnover
  • raising overall profitability by:
  • managing inventory levels
  • improving procurement processes
  • harnessing data-driven insights


Forceget also offers Amazon FBA Warehousing, with warehouses located strategically across California, Miami, New Jersey, Canada, and the United Kingdom (UK). With this program, your holiday goodies are kept in a controlled environment which results in efficient inventory management. Conveniently, you will have access to information about which of your products are not selling much, thereby allowing you to put in the backseat for the meantime. 

Digital Platform for Inventory Management

On top of that, Forceget also offers a Digital Platform that allows you to manage your inventory in one place, like how Santa prepares all the gifts in Santa’s Workshop. With this, you won’t be stuck in a blizzard of stockouts or excess inventory because you will have one cockpit to manage all your quotes and shipments, examine bills, track inventory, and enter stock movements.

Let the Countdown Begin!

Managing your inventory in the holiday season is a rough ride (even for Santa!), but with all of these magical perks from Forceget and VAA, you can eliminate holiday hurdles caused by ineffective inventory management. With the right tools and partners to work with, inventory snowstorms are nothing and you can unstoppably jingle all the way to success!