Important Points to Consider When Selecting International Freight Forwarder

Freight Forwarder
Choosing the right Freight Forwarder can impact your business greatly by improving your shipping times
and ensuring that your products are delivered safely during shipping from China to the USA. Your global
supply chain is an imperative part of your business. Make international shipping easy and transparent by
choosing a freight forwarder that ensures that your products will arrive in a safe and timely matter. Here
are all the things that you need to consider when choosing an international freight forwarder for your


If you don’t have a clear idea of where your products are and when you will receive them, the logistics
of your supply chain can be disrupted without your knowledge. Not knowing when your products will
arrive or where they are along the route can cause serious delays to your deliveries which can result in
lost revenue.

When choosing an International Freight Forwarder to handle your shipping from China to the USA , you
want to choose a service that offers full transparency. Knowing where your shipments are and when
they will arrive will help you stay efficient with your inventory and ensure that your supply chain is
running as smoothly as it possibly can.

State of the Art Technology

The world of shipping has gone digital and the freight forwarder you choose needs to have the right
technology to compete. There are many advantages to using a digital freight forwarder , but most
importantly it can save your business time and money when it comes to securing your supply chain. Not
all digital freight forwarders are equipped with the technology or digital platforms to increase the value
of your business.

When choosing an international freight forwarder you need to be sure that the company offers an easy-
to-use and intuitive digital platform. A company is only as good as the interface they use. Your
international freight forwarder needs to provide you with easy-to-access accurate information at the
touch of a button.

Data is the key to improving your business by reducing costs and shipping times. When choosing an
international freight forwarder, it is important to find a company that can collect and analyze your
shipping data so that you can improve the efficiency of your global supply chain.


You need a freight forwarder that you can rely on to deliver your products when you expect them.
Whether you are shipping inventory for your large company or need to provide shipping to Amazon FBA,
you need to be confident that your international freight forwarder will deliver your products on time
and damage-free. Your business is dependent on a trustworthy and reliable freight forwarder to ensure
that your supply chain runs smoothly and consistently.

Do They Offer the Services you need?

Not every international freight forwarder offers every shipping service. Many companies specialize in
specific forms of freight solutions. It is vital that you find a service that can meet all of your needs. A
freight forwarder that can successfully accommodate air freight, ocean freight, and shipping to Amazon
will help you secure multiple streams of revenue while feeling confident that your products will
arrive undamaged and on time.

Warehousing and distribution are also factors that you want to keep in mind. Many international freight
forwarders do not offer effective distribution services or warehouse space to accommodate your
inventory. Without the right resources, you could experience disruptions in your global supply chain and
leave your customers without their products. Be sure to find an international freight forwarder that can
accommodate your inventory needs and distribute your products efficiently.


Your business is designed to grow, and you need to find an international freight forwarder that is
prepared to grow with you. A shipping solution that might work for your current needs, may not work a
few years down the line. You want a freight forwarder with the experience and reputation to handle all
of your international shipping needs throughout the life of your business.

You never know when your business might blow up leaving you with a demand for more inventory fast.
You need a shipping solution that can adapt to your needs overnight. Whether you run a large retailer or
an Amazon FBA, you can’t afford to miss out on possible revenue because your freight forwarder cannot
keep up with demand. You need a shipping solution that won’t miss a beat as your company’s needs

Customer Service and Crisis Management

Some issues in the global supply chain are outside of anyone's control and accidents are bound to
happen. You need an international freight forwarder that has a track record of managing issues quickly
and fairly. When things go wrong, you need to trust that your shipping solution will work day and night
until the problem is resolved.

An international freight forwarder with a great customer service department is vital to solving problems
when they arise. When choosing an international shipping solution you should always look for a
company with a great reputation in customer service that is easy to contact and trusted for helping your
business succeed.

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