Search for new products to launch

The subject of finding new products to launch comes up in a lot of conversation I had and I want to share me insights in the subject for the good of others.

Finding new products for marketing is a classic role for a virtual worker. This is a very technical work, which takes a lot of time and there is no reason for you to spend hours and hours dealing with it. I've already written in another post that now is a great time to let your employee find Christmas products. So how should you do this?

First of all, take into account that the virtual workers also undergo training on this stage of searching for products to launch. They study the subject according to the same criteria as the best courses in the field. Employees are tested for this and are familiar with every criterion and criterion. So that for you in this field there is still a very small range for polishing your personal touch on what is important in finding a winning product.
Give the employee time to search for a number of products according to what he has learned. Ask him to prepare such a table with details about each criterion. Keep in mind that the first product that the employee will find for you probably will not be the winning product but it will advance you to clarify to him or her what he should improve.

What about your competitors? Let the employee go over your competitors to see what other products they are producing and put them to the test criteria, maybe you will get some good ideas, and then the next step will be to see how you produce a better product than them, which is also a great job for your employee.

Facebook Groups - Each niche has relevant Facebook groups that advertise hot and interesting products. Tell your employee to find these groups and start tracking them on a daily basis and check out any new product that comes up there.
What about Wal-Mart? Have you ever checked out its products and ideas? There is a lot to discover about strong products that can surprise you.

The world's largest supplier site, Alibaba also gives a lot of ideas for products. After all, every suppliers represents a whole line of products that you do not know about. A virtual worker can systematically go through and check the additional products that your supplier or other vendors produce. Maybe the next product is under your nose with the supplier you are already working with and you never had the opportunity to check.

There are lots of other directions and you are invited to share ideas here. The important thing is to let your employee know exactly what you want him to do and even spend some time with him on what is important to you. Know the things you ask him to do. For you it might take an hour but will give him a lot of knowledge to search for whole days what you would never come to look for. And that's all the beauty of having a virtual employee who has a goal to help you grow.