The Advantages of Amazon VA Hiring and Why Such Trend is Here to Stay

There’s no denying—Amazon is ruling the world of eCommerce, thanks to an improved selling/shopping experience brought about by rampant Amazon VA hiring. With 310,000,000 customers and 9,500,000 sellers globally, it boasts of the following statistics:

  • 4,100,000,000 items sold worldwide by US-based sellers alone
  • ships to 100 countries and regions
  • 28% completion rate for purchases in 3 minutes or less
  • 50% completion rate for purchases in less than 15 minutes

The numbers say it all—it’s one of the most trusted online selling/shopping platforms in this age of innovation. So the old ways had to go to welcome more appropriate business solutions for eCommerce, the trend now being Amazon VA hiring.

3 Common Struggles of Amazon Sellers

Amazon itself is a great marketplace, but if you’re a seller, you can’t expect a smooth ride. As they always say, “no guts, no glory.” So here are 3 common struggles of Amazon sellers that you should be warned about if you intend to turn your business into a mega success.

1.  Amazon Seller Central Navigation

Let’s face it—the Amazon Seller Central interface can be too complex to navigate for many sellers, considering the various tabs and sections for orders, inventory, advertising, reports, and more. Imagine having to master all these tools all the while strategizing for your business?

Additionally, Amazon is constantly improving and updating its features to better serve its users. So, if it’s challenging enough to master the current settings, how confusing would it be to deal with updates?

2.  Product Listing Optimization

Having a great product would do you no good if your target audience cannot see your product in the search results at all.

  • Your title says it all.
  • Your bullet points showcase the features beautifully.
  • Your product description encapsulates the essence of your product.

But your sales remain unimpressive.

What’s lacking is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that is, incorporating high ranking keywords to help your listings become more visible to your target audience.

3.  Negative Reviews Management

The more painful thing about having negative comments is not the negative comments themselves, but Amazon’s strict guidelines for their removal. So, instead of resolving such a situation, why not prevent it?

Amazon VA Hiring - man with suitcase

How 8-Figure Amazon Sellers Conquer Such Struggles

Some people believe that successful business owners reach the top because they are privileged enough to have gotten a big break. Sorry to burst your bubble, business doesn’t mix well with mere chance. 8-figure entrepreneurs earned their success.

While there are old ways which mostly work wonders for sellers, technological innovations in commerce makes it essential for you to consider recent methods in business—especially in eCommerce. New trends don’t always mean shallow practices that got popular. Some might even be game changers in the field of eCommerce, like Amazon VA hiring.

Amazon VA Hiring

Most Amazon sellers realize that hiring a professional to do a task is ultimately more beneficial to their business than doing such a task themselves. It only makes sense, considering that sellers should be selling, not:

  • learning Seller Central from scratch, expecting to master it in a short span of time
  • doing keyword research and competitor analysis to create a highly optimized copy for their listings
  • responding to emails, inquiries, and customer reviews and feedback
  • managing inventory levels
  • doing other administrative, technical, and operational tasks which are perfectly delegable

What kind of a professional can sellers entrust the above-mentioned tasks with? Amazon VAs (Virtual Assistants).

Amazon VAs are experts when it comes to selling on Amazon. At VAA Philippines, these VAs can be delegated with the following, but not limited to:

  • Customer service
  • Product listings
  • Inventory tracking
  • Product sourcing
  • Competitor research
  • Handling refunds & open cases
  • Creating Chatbots using ManyChat
  • Ongoing training of new Amazon features & skills

Because of the benefits of engaging the services of Amazon VAs, more and more sellers are free enough and able to scale their business faster. So you can safely say that Amazon VA Hiring is a trend in the eCommerce world that’s definitely here to stay.