All About the Ads: 5 Useful Tips From an Amazon PPC Expert

They say satisfied customers are your best kind of advertisement. So why spend on ads for your Amazon business?

The simplest way to answer that is with another question—how can you satisfy your customers if you’re having a hard time reaching them in the first place? And that’s the same dilemma ads are trying to solve, the most promising one being Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisement. 

Ads are there to help boost your online presence in a crowded virtual marketplace like Amazon. With 9,500,000 sellers trying to compete for your potential customers’ attention, you need to elevate your game. Here are 5 useful tips from an Amazon PPC Expert.

Tip #1: Hire an Amazon PPC Expert.

Amazon PPC is a technical niche that needs a certain degree of knowledge and training. It’s not something you can learn overnight, and it’s most definitely not something you can juggle alongside being the CEO or owner of an Amazon business. If you decide to do it, you might as well do it right—hire an Amazon PPC Expert.

Amazon PPC Experts from VAA Philippines can take care of the following tasks so you can focus on scaling your business:

  • Amazon PPC practices
  • Search term reports
  • Keyword research
  • Campaign management
  • Bid optimization
  • Seller Central PPC tools

Tip #2: Invest in Amazon PPC Advertising.

PPC Advertising proves to be effective in promoting brands across the Amazon platform. It’s time you invest in campaigns. A properly managed Amazon PPC ad can bring you many advantages in the overly competitive Amazon marketplace, including:

  1. Improving the ranking of your product in the search results
  2. Targeting the ads to your specific audience, increasing the likelihood of conversions
  3. Creating brand awareness, especially when launching new products
  4. Riding with seasonal promotions and sales events
  5. Boosting sales and revenue in the long run

You can’t have these things for free. So you need to invest time, money, and effort to make your PPC Ads work. The best way to do that is by hiring an Amazon PPC Expert.

Tip #3: Familiarize yourself with its Key Terms and Features.

Just because you hire an Amazon PPC Expert, doesn’t mean you’ll totally get your hands off this field. In order to effectively communicate your desired outcomes, you should also be familiar with the language of PPC Advertising. Getting on with the basics is a good start.


  • where you create and run your ads to promote your products


  • specific words that you target with your ads


  • maximum amount you are willing to pay per click of your ad

Match Types

  • ads appear depending on 3 match types:
  • Broad Match - for variations of the keyword
  • Phrase Match - for exact phrase / close variations
  • Exact Match - for exact keyword or close variations


  • refer to the number of times your ad was actually clicked

CTR (Click-Through Rate)

  • percentage of the users who clicked your ad after seeing it

ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales)

  • shows the ratio of money spent on advertising to money made from that particular campaign

Conversion Rate

  • percentage of the users who buy the product after clicking your ad

Tip #4: Start with Automatic Sponsored Product Campaigns.

If you’re just starting with Amazon advertising, an Amazon PPC Expert will tell you to start with Automatic Sponsored Product Campaigns first because they are:

  1. Simple and direct to the point since Amazon’s algorithms automatically provide you with relevant keywords that target your ads to your desired audience
  2. Time-Efficient
  3. Opportunity for discovering new keywords
ppc automatic sponsored product campaigns

Tip #5: Transition to Manual Sponsored Product Campaigns.

While automating your campaigns is ideal as you start out in Amazon advertising, you should eventually transition to Manual Sponsored Product Campaigns. This will give you better control of your campaigns by allowing you to:

  1. Select only high performing keywords
  2. Adjust your bids and target options
  3. Add negative keywords

Having an expert on your team in Amazon's ever-changing advertising landscape is always a plus. Even if you think you can handle this on your own, as the CEO/owner, you should be focusing on scaling your business. Let your Amazon PPC Expert do what they do best.