If you’ve ever hired or been hired then you know that one of the first requirements is often “experience”. So when you look for your first VA you may, mistakenly, believe that you must have one with experience.

Hiring an inexperienced Amazon VA may, at first glance, seem risky but you’ll  be surprised to hear it can actually help your company grow in ways that would not be possible with an experienced VA.

Inexperience means we can mold the employee to your specific needs.

WE PUT POTENTIAL FIRST, we look at the person’s character, their motivation, the eternal spark in their eyes, all of which cannot be learned but are the traits and characteristics that VAA looks for in all our potential employees. We make sure that their character relates to our company’s core values and those important values that will be such an asset to your company. 

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Curiosity is one of the traits we look for when we search for VAs to hire. It’s a powerful characteristic that keeps them engaged and continually interested in  the job at hand. Experienced VAs who simply have an impressive background, don't necessarily demonstrate the same thirst for knowledge.

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Curious and creative thinkers aren't the type of people who sit around and wait to be told what to do -- instead they drive the change within their own position and responsibility through out-of-the-box thinking. That's a quality we want in every employee we decide to hire as VA trainees.

You may be surprised to know that hiring employees with a lack of experience has the potential of being the best thing you’ve ever done for your business.

When we hire and train a new VA who lacks experience, we are able to teach them to operate according to our company’s established procedures and core values. While new employees may not have the prior knowledge that more experienced workers bring to the job, it also means that they won’t be bringing their bad habits into our (and ultimately, your) business.

We develop a relationship that will create loyalty to our business.  As their first employer in the market, we invest the necessary time, training, and resources, to help our team members develop a greater sense of employee satisfaction in our business, and this is directly passed on to you.

When a fresh face walks into our office without any knowledge at all of what our business entails, we are delighted because we know it can have a surprising impact and provide unexpected dividends.

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In a nutshell: Inexperienced VAs add value to your business!

Newbies are all of the following:

MOLDABLE. Firstly, they have not developed any of the bad habits that someone with years of ‘know-how’ may have picked up along the way. Meaning a new, inexperienced employee is like a piece of clay that we can mold and shape to adapt to our desired way of doing things. An inexperienced employee is more likely to be on board with learning and taking ownership of our company’s established practices because they are open minded and enthusiastic. This, of course, helps to keep things moving along smoothly since the disruptive nature of a know-it-all can sometimes upset the workplace.


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When someone is fresh out of training, the passion he or she has for our field is extraordinary. These candidates aren’t worn out, and they’re highly energized. They will develop loyalty to the business and want to do the best job possible. These are the types of employees that come in early and stay late, just to accomplish the business objectives set forth by the seller who hired them. They’ll generally go above and beyond because the passion they have for their position is fresh. Those who have worked in the same area, doing the same tasks, experiencing the same ol’ stuff for a few years won’t have the same eagerness to perform at the level of a new employee who is just starting out.

THE EXCITEMENT IS STILL THERE The lack of experience lends itself to youthful exuberance for the task at hand. Like someone seeing the Grand Canyon or Disney World for the first time, a novice is more excited about learning all there is to know about their new position. They are not only receptive, but anticipatory of the next task, and can hardly wait to meet and conquer whatever challenge is put before them. This is a trait that is, more often than not, almost non-existent in someone who “has been there, done that.”


It’s common knowledge that new generations entering the workforce often have new ideas that will revolutionize the space. Many great companies are being run by those who are either just out of college or in some cases have dropped out completely and have no prior experience in running a company. This is because the ideas and drive these individuals have is at an all-time high. It’s true that hiring the inexperienced means we have to teach them procedures, but that’s our responsibility, you will receive a VA that's very well trained and enthusiastic.

THEY PITCH IN. While more experienced employees may have created impenetrable boundaries as to what their job duties are, the greenhorn lacks preconceived notions as to their job description limitations and will knock down impassable walls toward productivity. Their openness to doing “whatever it takes” to pitch in and get the job done for the good of the team is delightfully refreshing.


How to break bad habits

People with a lot of prior experience are necessarily people with a lot of habits. They have developed their own (or someone else's) way of doing things over the years. Hiring them means training them to double time to carry out tasks in a way that works for your team rather than just rely on what they're used to.

When we hire someone green, we get a blank canvas to work with. Everything from how they respond to an email to how they format a report can be easily customized to fit your business. By investing our time and expertise in our VA staff, we can help develop an employee who functions as though she was born to work for your company. 

All VAA VAs undergo extensive training by us so if you decide to go this route, you know you will receive an Assistant who has undergone hours and hours of training by dedicated and experienced trainers.


Someone new to the industry is more likely to be eager to work and learn. This means that, as their first employer in the industry, there is a chance for you to build a relationship with your VA that will keep them loyal to you. Given the opportunity to learn new skills in the very exciting field of ecommerce, our VAs are very grateful for the position you give them.

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THE BOTTOM LINE -, Don’t be afraid to hire a VA with a lack of experience, we will train her diligently until she’s a pro and she will be right there by your side to grow together with you and create a prosperous business.