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End of shift report

April 16, 2019

Hi Guys,

Please always ask your VA to send you an "end of the shift report". It does not matter if the VA is working for you for 9H a day or only 2H. Give him/her 20 min in the end of his/her shift to create that report and make sure he makes it right. 


Finding products to launch

February 26, 2019

Don't tell me you are still looking for products yourself. This is a classic work for your VA to help you with.

Its all about order. Your VA must know exactly how to find the good products on amazon. Those with less competition and good potential. 


Canva photo editing tutorial

February 24, 2019

Hi everyone!

Next week we will be giving a series of special tutorials, in which we will be teaching our VA's to edit photos and use the Free photo editing software Canva.

Canva is a great tool for easy photo editing. It has many features in it, many images and backgrounds you can use in your graphic design work.


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