HELIUM10: Everything You Need to Sell on Amazon

As promised in our last blog, here’s a separate article solely about Helium10. You might have wondered, why do we have to have an exclusive article about Heium10? What sets it apart from other Product Research software? Why Helium10?

In this blog, we will provide a thorough evaluation of this software, and we'll go through all of Helium 10's features, resources, advantages, and finally, our final thoughts on the software.

Helium 10 offered almost every essential feature and tool that any seller would want, including operational assistance, research and analytics, and a dashboard that gives sellers a detailed view of their product performance on Amazon and not to mention its ability to find top-notch products that will give you 6-7 figure revenue.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not affiliated with Helium10 by any means. 

Never heard of Helium 10 or are you new to e-commerce?  You are in the right place.

Helium 10 is a strong and comprehensive solution for Amazon sellers' research and analytics needs. Helium 10 enables sellers to view important business indicators like trends, keyword research, product research, profit calculation, inventory management, trend analysis, and advertising solutions, and it includes more than 20 tools and features to help you expand your Amazon business by increasing the visibility of your goods, estimating demand for your product, managing inventories, streamlining processes, and much more. Let’s dig right into it. (Did I just repeat myself? I can't help it).

Without further ado, let's drive into the tools according to their usage. 


This category has 6  tools that will assist you in finding a top-notch product. It allows you to easily compare the success of your product to similar products on Amazon, as well as monitor profitability and other crucial data at a glance. These tools are: 


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Helium 10 Keyword research tools are among the most advanced keyword research tools on the market. These tools can assist you in determining the search volume of similar products as well as identifying high-ranking keywords that you can use to boost the visibility of your products and rank higher in searches.

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Index checker

Helium10's listing optimization tools assist you in developing a solid product listing that will attract and capture the attention of customers. It provides you with tools to help you write in an intuitive and easy manner, which can help you rank higher and generate more sales.


Frankenstein is a one-of-a-kind keyword optimization tool for writing efficient Amazon product listings. It analyzes lots of keywords used by consumers to find products similar to yours and gives you a more coherent and manageable list of keywords that you can use to build product listings, allowing you to rank better in search results and improve product sales.


Scribbles was the next brilliant idea unveiled by Helium 10. While Frankenstein did an excellent job of arranging the keywords into coherent lists, Scribbles assists you in keeping your listing relevant and up to date by giving you fresh and relevant keywords that buyers are using to locate comparable items, which guarantees that you do not use an excessive number of keywords if you have character limits to comply with. Helium 10 Scribbles saves you so much time and keeps our stress to a minimum.

Index Checker

Index Checker by Helium 10 is a tool that will show you how your listings compare to your competitors. It enables you to evaluate how keywords help you rank higher in searches and how your rivals perform with the same keywords.


Amazon gives Operations tools to assist you with simplifying and streamlining your everyday duties, inventory management, essential reminders, and much more. These tools are the following;

Analytic tools



Profits by Helium 10 is a critical tool for your Amazon business since it provides an overview of your financial health and allows you to make rapid decisions to optimize your entire sales strategy.

Profits include information on your product's sales trend, calculations for gross and net profits, and assistance with inventory management.

Market Tracker

Market Tracker assists you in developing a tailored market for your goods by providing valuable ideas and insights from your Amazon store  It enables you to see how your listing compares to its competitors by displaying key market trends. You may use this tool to develop a medium and long-term company strategy and enhance earnings.

Keyword Tracker

The keyword tracker allows you to keep track of all the keywords you've used in your product listing and how they're performing.


 Helium 10 marketing tools handle all your marketing and advertising challenges and meet all of your demands and criteria for creating and running an effective campaign to sell your products on Amazon.

Adtomic, Portals

Helium 10 is a go-to tool for keeping all of your business's essentials in one place. Its features will provide you with the best listing optimization, keyword search techniques, fraud protection, and inventory management without any problems. Because of the numerous functions it provides, I consider Helium 10 to be the greatest Amazon tool innovation. Using competition and keyword spy, each of the aspects is important for ranking and enhancing product performance. In this article, I covered each of the Helium 10 tools and their applications and I hope you find this helpful.

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I understand that this is an extremely technical software that will take a long time to master, and I am sure that you have so much on your plate, but of course, you would want to launch a product that is saleable and revenue worthy, right? Don’t get ourselves worked up. You can have your VA (if you already have one) get trained in VAA or if you don’t have one yet you can hire an Amazon Expert VAs who is well versed with Helium10 and ready to get on board.  

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